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Paul J. Solda, Attorney-at-Law

A General Business and Commercial Litigation Law Firm


About the Firm

Paul J. Solda is a licensed practitioner who operates a diversified business law practice based in New York City.

In the News

Many of Mr. Solda’s successes have garnered attention in the media.


“Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall”
“Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall”

Commercial Litigation

Mr. Solda is most prominently involved as a trial attorney dealing with general business and commercial cases. He specializes in matters involving contracts, sales of goods and services, labor, insurance, money lending and disputes between business partners. Mr. Solda is schooled as an expert with the Uniform Commercial Code and the procedures and operational rules of all courts within which he practices.

Corporate Law

Acting as a traditional “corporate lawyer”, Mr. Solda ensures the legality of any particular commercial transaction and labor matter at hand. He advises corporations on their legal rights and duties, including responsibilities of the board of directors and the officers of the corporation. He has exceptional knowledge of contract law and is well versed in bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, tax, real estate and various other issues that play a role in corporate life.

Purchase and Sale of Business

As an adept corporate lawyer, Mr. Solda enjoys the opportunity of representing a business owner (or potential owner) with regards to the acquisition or sale of a business entity. Mr. Solda is notably learned at working with financial lending institutions – which often are a necessary prerequisite to any purchase transaction. Whether a stock sale or asset based purchase, Mr. Solda takes pride in his negotiation skills which he believes is indispensable in successfully representing clients in these areas.


As a specialty, Mr. Solda has represented pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers and related businesses since 2004 and in turn has become one of the nation’s most prominent attorneys working this industry. His achievements are highlighted, in part, by related press coverage and news articles covering many of these cases (see “In the News”).

General Matters

Mr. Solda also handles the ordinary cases which include personal injury and negligence, real estate and select criminal matters.